Footballers Help the World during Corona Virus Pandemic

By | April 16, 2020

The impact of the coronavirus outbreak can be seen all around the world. Every aspect of life has been affected by this outbreak after all. People have to restrain themselves from doing their daily activities including the footballers. For preventing the further outbreak, mass gathering is forbidden. It means that the football league should also take a break due to the coronavirus pandemic. Everybody can take part to contribute to fighting against the virus outbreak. It can be done simply just by staying at home. However, several footballers have shown good deeds for helping the people during this pandemic.

Marcus Rashford

As a star of Manchester United, Marcus Rashford gives the light to the kids who are highly affected by the coronavirus crisis. Many children depend on their schools for their daily meals. Now that the schools have to be suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak, many of them cannot get their daily meals as they used to. Since grown up with the free school meals, with this initiative, about 600.000 children can be saved from hunger due to the school break. He did not work alone because this initiative was supported by Tesco, Asda, The Co-Op, Pret A Manger, and Pizza Express along with the donation from the community.

Joe Cole

Joe Cole might be an ex-star of West Ham, Chelsea, and Liverpool but his light still shone during the coronavirus pandemic because of his good deeds. Along with his wife, he has built a new charity that will help the NHS to provide the equipment and budget for helping against the virus. About 50 3D printers have been purchased to produce medical safety equipment to the medical frontline staff that does their best for helping people with COVID-19. The charity has also distributed meals, offered nursery for their kids, and provided therapy for NHS workers.


It seems that people who talk less do work more. Neymar has donated almost £800,000 to help to fight against the virus. He did these good deeds privately. Half of the money was sent to UNICEF while another half of the money was sent to the solidarity fund in Brazil. Although he did not want to do this publicly, people are always willing to share this good news, especially during the crisis period. It can be proof that sportsmanship can also be brought outside the stadium.

Kasper Schmeichel

COVID-19 has a stronger impact on seniors. Most deaths due to this disease happened to seniors. Age UK charity tried to give more support to seniors during this crisis by releasing the COVID Care initiative in Leicester. Kasper Schmeichel does not only work well as Fox goalkeeper but also as part of the community by donating £20,000 to Age UK. This donation means a lot because more care packages can be brought to the seniors. They also are contacted through phone calls as necessary support during the crisis. It is also possible to make a home visit for encouraging seniors to isolate themselves for protecting seniors during the pandemic.

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