Sadio Mane’s Life Journey Is Planned to Become a Documentary Film

By | April 16, 2020

For Liverpool fans, hearing the name Mane is certainly not a foreign name for them to listen to. Mane is one of Liverpool’s best winger who has managed to deliver Liverpool to the Champions League last season.

Not only that, apparently Mane has a very touching life journey. That life journey has made him a professional footballer like everyone else.

Besides, Mane also has other goals besides being a professional footballer, who wants to build a hospital in his hometown. Of course, this becomes one of the noble ideals that are very well granted. For this reason, Mane’s life journey will be used as a documentary.

As we know, there are already several similar documentaries from other footballers that have been made before. Call it a documentary about David Beckham’s journey, and also the life journey of the current megastar of Juventus, Christiano Ronaldo. Of course, it is very interesting to see how their struggle to achieve the success they started from zero.

Mane admitted that his father’s death motivated him to become a professional footballer initially. The death of his father was an experience that made it very hard when he was a child. Mane was left by his father when he was 7 years old due to an illness he had suffered long ago.

He also admitted that at that time in Senegal, where he used to live, there was no hospital so his father was only given traditional medicines to treat his illness. From here, he finally had the goal to establish a hospital so that no one else experienced the same sadness experienced by Mane.

Sadio Mane initially admitted that his ideals of being a soccer player did not get the blessing of his family. Until in the end he desperately ran away from his home and went to Dakar to achieve his goals. Even so, Mane admitted if he felt heavy and could not bear to leave his family for his ideals. However, he still believed in his dream and tried himself to make it happen.

It turns out that reality became a reality. Mane entered the Generation Foot Academy in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. In the trial match in his first match, his appearance immediately made the academy coach captivated. The following year, Mane was trusted to strengthen the Senegalese Under-23 national team at the London Olympics.

Successful in bringing his country to the quarter-finals, the Austrian club, Red Star Salzburg, decided to recruit him into their squad. Furthermore, in the 2014/2016 season, he continued his career with Southampton. His appearance with Southampton helped make Klopp lured to bring him to Liverpool.

Klopp has been captivated by Mane since he was still handling Borussia Dortmund. But he locked up his intention until in the end, he saw Mane as a threat to Liverpool when Klopp was still handling Liverpool at the beginning. In this documentary also Klopp expressed his personal opinion about Mane who managed to bring the team spirit when they beat Barcelona in the Champions League yesterday.

Now, Sadio Mane is welcomed like a king by Senegalese residents every time he returns to his hometown to meet his family.

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